Friday, April 1, 2011

My April Initiative.. a day late

Ok. Its time to get serious. I've been just going through the motions the last month and putting VERY little effort into weight loss. I have to force myself to get back into the swing of things. So starting today (I was on the couch most of yesterday with 'issues' (mother nature blows) ) and for the rest of the month of April I will push myself:

1. I will work out every day.
2. I will watch what I eat more closely and make better decisions.
3. I will burn AT LEAST 3000 calories a day. I will keep track of this using my Body Media Fit meter.
4. I will post my body media fit results on Facebook every night to give me the added incentive to keep motivated.
5. Get back into the 100 push ups challenge that I've slacked off on as well.

I hope I can accomplish this goal I have set. It won't be easy, but I have to try my hardest to do what is best for my health.
The Gauntlet has been thrown! -- YIKES

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