Thursday, March 17, 2011

SpringN2action week 2 check-in

Ok, I'm a little slow this week at writing my blog post.. 2 lbs down this week. *Weeee!* - and 80 left to go. *sigh* . You'd think that I'd be pushing myself to the limit seeing that it's almost summer, but I've gotten in my lazy phase again! I need a kick in the ass! I'm still eating moderately well, I don't go over my calorie goal too too often, but I have really slacked off in the exercise department. I want to be skinny.. I really do, I just hate to work at it. Unbelievable! Unacceptable! I'm doing myself, and my family no justice at all not getting healthy. Yep. I said it. But will I change? *shakes my magic 8 ball... Ask again later? wha?*

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. I had a moment this week where I sat down and whined. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD.... ok maybe it lasted more than a moment. Oh well nothing to do but pick up and keep going right :) Gratz on teh 2 lbs down that is a great loss!