Friday, March 4, 2011

100 pushup challenge

What have I gotten myself into?! 100 push ups? hahaha.

So, I took the initial test on Wednesday, and miraculously squeeked out 2 and a half. I have no idea how. Probably my form was horrible and they weren't real military style at all. All I could see is the floor and the cat winding around my arms and everything else was a blur lol. I tried them again this morning and my arms refused to lift me.

I always thought I had decent strength in my arms, this is a wake up call. So I decided to go and do them against the wall. I measured and my feet were 34 inches from the wall and I managed to do 25. I could have done more! I really felt the burn at the front of my arms above my boobs. I liked the burn feeling! I was very careful about my form, being sure to stay straight and ONLY use my arms to push me back up.

Overall I was happy with the 25. I will continue to do the wall pushups, and throw in some attempts at military and/or girl style as well until my arms are strong enough to do military consistently.


  1. Anything is better than nothing and we all have to start somewhere right? I honestly can't imagine me being able to do 100 consecutive military style push ups, but even if I keep trying I know my arms and chest will be in better shape. Oh, and it's good for core too.

  2. Yep, we all have to start somewhere! I need a lot more core strength too.. its gonna be a long long 6 weeks lol. I can't imagine being able to do 100 either. :)