Friday, March 4, 2011

No comparison what so ever..

Dave Zinczenko posted on twitter this morning: "SHOCKING: The average American uses 100 gallons of water at home per day, says new National Geo study. Ethiopians? 2.5"

Ok.. how can you possibly compare our water usage to the Ethiopians?

Now I'll admit, while I don't waste water, I probably don't do enough to conserve it either. But there are several differences between us and Ethiopians that this comparison is just insane to me and makes us look wasteful and unappreciative of running water.

1. We don't run around 1/2 naked in loin cloths or shorts. We do laundry, most of us have large families (5 in ours and husband has separate work uniform, so more like 6)

2. We aren't dehydrated, so we drink a lot of the water we use.

3. We bath regularly (Ok, most of us do). In a shower, not down at a creek filled with E Coli.

4. We cook with water. I'm sure we cook a lot more with water than the typical Ethiopian family does.

5. We brush our teeth, water our lawns/gardens, wash our cars etc.

Our quality of lives are too different for an accurate comparison.

I just felt a sudden overpowering need to blog about that post. I feel better now lol.


  1. I live in a van down by the river! Who needs a bathroom or laundry room? :P

  2. LOL.. I wish I didn't need the laundry room! Ohh a van down by the river.. are you a motivational speaker by chance? hahaha