Sunday, December 5, 2010

Keep on keeping on.... track that is

So as part of our non-fitness weekly challenge in the Holiday Hoedown at we have to outline 3 things we will do this month to stay on track with our weightloss goals. I have been thinking about this for days and am having a hard time thinking of anything different. We don't go to holiday parties, so I don't have to worry about limiting my party appetizers or alcohol intake. I do bake, but I give most of it away, or hubby takes it to work. I guess my 3 things will be the same as I have been doing so far,
  1. Continue to exercise, I have slacked off the last couple of days.. oops. I need to get back into it starting tomorrow. (Not feeling it today)
  2. Avoid bad fast food choices when out Christmas shopping. I know I'll be stuck going to McDonald's at least once when we go out shopping, and I know its all bad there, but some choices are better than others... I'll try my best!
  3. Continue to drink the water.. I see and feel the difference when I drink the amount of water I'm supposed to each day.

I really wanted the bodymedia fit meter for either my birthday or Christmas, but that doesn't look like its going to happen :( Hopefully I can pick one up after the new year. I think that will give me even more motivation, and I'm really interested in seeing how many calories I burn doing the normal stuff I do every day!

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