Monday, December 13, 2010

OCD weigher

For most people, the scale is a dreaded item in their bathrooms, an ominous reminder of what they aren't doing to lose weight.. For me, it's something I look forward to every morning. I wake up, I go to the bathroom and I weigh myself.. every morning. I know, most things you read say, weigh once a week.. well pfft. I want to see! I get excited with a .6oz drop lol. Sometimes I even weigh before bed to see what Ive gained throughout the day and how much of a difference it is in the morning. Yep, I'm obsessed with it. Today was one of those thrilling days! I knew I was close yesterday.. I was just dying for this morning! I weighed and I am officially the lowest weight Ive been in 5 yrs! (And now only 5 lbs more than my husband - I have it in my head that a woman should weigh less than her husband.) Seeing that this morning gave me more incentive to keep going, to keep counting my calories and to keep losing this dreaded weight! My goal by New Years is to weigh less than Bryan.. and I WILL do it!


  1. Damn straight woman, I KNOW you will do it! And I'm an OCD weigher too. I weigh every morning, naked (cuz we can't an ounce from clothing messing things up lol). I'm hoping I get a new scale for xmas and if not I'm buying a new one. I want to be even more OCD with a scale that measures in .2 increments instead of the .5 lb my current cheapy scale does. I wish I could say I see the weight dropping off me too but alas, I can't seem to break the 162.5 mark. At least I'm not gaining!

  2. Oh yes.. you can only weigh naked! clothes account for too many varying ounces! lol. I have a $30ish walmart scale, it measures down the the oz.. I love it, usually the kids kill our scales cuz they will jump on it or instead of just tapping the corner they stomp on it and bounce the scale off the floor.. Ive been lucky with this one! *knocks on wood* You are so close to your goal.. I bet thats why its coming off so slow :( It sucks though.. I can imagine your frustration. You can do it! Just dont get discouraged, you are doing awesome! :)