Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week #3 Weigh-in and blog.

Another week down.. Another 2 lbs lost! A girl could get used to this! As of today, I am 271! I was hoping to be under 270 this week.. but thanks to mother nature (Bitch!) I am bloated like mad this week :( *sings "All I want for Christmas is to be under 265" LOL*

I am thoroughly convinced that counting calories is the BEST way to lose the weight. A couple years ago I did the cottage cheese for breakfast, salad for lunch and a small dinner - worked out everyday diet and I did great on it for the first month. I lost almost 30 lbs in 30 days. But what I learned is, 1) that fast a weightloss isn't healthy and 2) I really, really hated salad and cottage cheese. Then I gave up... and gained it all back - quickly. I can't say enough good about they have made it so easy to keep track of my food and my exercise and they give me numbers that I can keep track of.

Although Im thrilled that I am losing weight with this new challenge at , I am a little frustrated that our team will never win a weekly challenge. Isn't that the whole point of joining a challenge? To win? (and don't say, "oh its not if you win or lose, but at least you're having fun" - I was a soccer coach. Losing sucks, you play to win!) We have ladies in our group that have never posted on the forum, and for all I know, have never weighed in once. We have one that dropped out today to focus on family.. and I can certainly understand wanting (needing) to focus on family, and I wish her all the luck with any focus she can find this time of year, but when you commit to something, you should see it through, for better or worse. I am so proud of my good friend Lori who's in our little group with me.. She has come so far on her weightloss journey and she is looking great! I only hope I can be half as successful as her (Well, I will be half as successful as her when I lose another 4 lbs! LOL) We may all have our bad weeks, make our bad food choices, go off and eat that huge pile of spaghetti, or those extra donuts.. but its all in how we recover from that that will make us win this battle!

On a side note.. I'm still DYING for a bodymedia fit meter! GRR - Maybe my MIL will give me $ for my birthday/Christmas and I can buy it myself ...

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  1. wooohooo! :) you continue to rock. keep it up!